How is everything I have entered quality assured?

Validoo quality assures entered trade item information and barcodes against a sample product (physical or digital) according to a set of quality assurance rules, which have been developed with the help of Validoo’s reference groups. The rules are based on GS1’s standards and regulations.

Many attributes, for example ingredient list, are quality assured based on the 1:1 principle, i.e. that the specified value corresponds exactly to what is stated on the product sample. For other attributes, there may be a rule of the type “if there is x indicated on the package, x must be specified in the trade item information”.

Validoo helps you make sure that all trade item information that needs to be entered really has been entered, and correctly. Validoo also measures and weighs physical samples to ensure that the specified value corresponds to the sample within a certain tolerance.

Read the Quality Assurance Rules to see exactly which attributes are quality assured and how this is done.

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