Reference groups Validoo

Development in cooperation with those who use our services

The development and improvement of Validoo’s services are conducted together with participants in Validoo’s reference groups, with all customer groups in mind. The reference groups are open to all Validoo customers and the collaboration allows companies to influence standards, regulations, processes and services.

The reference groups assignment

  • Influence standards, regulations and processes in Validoo’s services
  • Ensure that the offered services meet customer needs
  • Make decisions to recommend application of standards in Sweden
  • Provide comments and guidance to Validoo regarding the need for new or changed services
  • Ensure that Validoo’s range comply with Swedish and international regulations / legislation

General principles for the groups

  • Balance between suppliers and recipients
  • Reference groups give guidance. Decisions on service range are made by Validoo
  • The reference group is managed by personnel from Validoo
  • Meeting notes are distributed to the participants in the reference groupBalans mellan leverantörer och mottagare
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