About us

GS1 believes in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live.

The right communication between customers, suppliers and distributors is a crucial part of business. But if everyone has different processes and systems for communication, it will be difficult to share even the most straightforward information. A common language is needed, and this is where GS1 comes into the picture.

A global language of business

With a common, supply chain language it becomes easier to communicate. GS1 standards save time and money through more efficient sharing of information, reduced administration, better product data quality, traceability and better supply chain control.

One barcode – multiple areas of use

Ever since 1974, when the first barcode was scanned on a Wrigley chewing gum package, GS1 standards have given commerce a common language for exchanging information on products, deliveries, transactions and more.

For shoppers with a smartphone, standards enables to get more product information, reviews, create shopping lists, and much more when scanning the barcode. In healthcare, standards contribute to patient safety when the right equipment is used at the right time.

We are both global and local

GS1 is represented in 150 countries and GS1 Sweden is one of 115 local GS1 organizations in the world. Our strength is that we are both global and local. Together with our users in Sweden, we develop new standards or development of existing standards for increased efficiency in the supply chain, which we include in the global standard development process.

Standards for the future

GS1 standards enable our users to identify, capture and share unique information, across the value chain for companies of all sizes. In a rapidly changing world, we adapt to new technologies and globalization. We develop standards to support our customers and to meet increased demands like product safety, sustainability, traceability and patient safety.

We are our users

Development and maintenance of GS1 standards, solutions and services takes place together with our customers in user groups. By participating in GS1 Sweden’s user groups, you are involved in influencing standards and processes. Since all parts of the value chain are represented in the user groups, the work provides a better consensus between trading partners that together streamline the supply chain.

GS1 is:


GS1-standarder globala

No matter where in the world you are, GS1 standards will work.


Standard development takes place together with users in work groups.


GS1-standarder förtroende

GS1 is not for profit and standards are industry neutral.


GS1-standarder användargrupper

Standards can be used by all companies and working groups are open .


GS1 Sweden AB is equally owned by the trade organizations Dagligvaruleverantörers Förbund (DLF) and Svensk Dagligvaruhandel (SvDH). We are a not-for-profit organization where any profits are reinvested in the business. GS1 Sweden was formerly known as EAN Sweden, which the grocery industry co-founded.