Operational Information for GS1 Swedens services

Here you can see up-to-date operational information on updates and current outages for GS1 Swedens systems and services

2023-05-04 Previous disruptions in GS1 Sweden services resolved

Status: Action standard

Priority: High

Published: 08:39, 2023-05-04

Right now we have an outage in MyGS1, Validoo and Product Search. The outage also affects pre-prod and APIs, but traffic to the data pool works. We are working as quickly as possible to solve the problem.

2023-04-28 Previous technical error when ordering in MyGS1 fixed

Status: Actioned

Published: 09:30, 2023-04-28

Right now we have a technical problem in MyGS1 which means that as a new customer you cannot place new orders. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve it.

2023-02-28 Previous Directory outage resolved

Status: Actioned

Published: 14:08, 2023-02-28

We are currently experiencing problems with Directory, our service for managing and sharing GLN information, which means that you are currently experiencing disruptions in accessing the service and logging in. We are working with high priority to solve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2022-10-11 Previous login issues resolved

Status: Actioned

Published: 10:00, 2022-10-11

We are currently experiencing problems with some logins in Validoo and MyGS1. We are working with high priority to solve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2022-09-27 Improvements and updates in Validoo

Status: completed

New notification centre in Validoo

To facilitate your work with article information, we have now introduced notifications directly in the Validoo interface. The notifications are a complement to the emails sent when your report is ready for download and can now also be accessed directly in the Validoo interface, under Notifications. Notifications can be filtered and sorted based on whether they are notifications for you or for all users in your company. The notifications you see as a user are linked to your company subscription.

Initially there are the following notifications:

– available article information reports to download

– available reports from the media view

– validation errors after hierarchies have been published, for example if there are recipient-specific errors and if there are errors in related hierarchies

In the future, there is room to present more notifications in the Notification Centre, such as those related to the quality assurance process. Please contact us if you would like to request any notifications you think would be valuable to your colleagues and the industry. Contact details can be found here >

Updates for suppliers with the Validoo Supplier, Validoo GDSN Supplier or Validoo DataEntry agreement

Work with selected GTINs in a hierarchy

A new feature of Validoo is the ability to look at specifically selected GTINs in a hierarchy, something our users with large hierarchies have been asking for. For those with the Validoo DataEntry contract, you can also edit selected GTINs. This function is mainly useful if you have a large hierarchy and know that you only need to change one or a few levels in the hierarchy and that the change does not affect the other levels.

How does it work in Validoo DataEntry?

Select one or more GTINs in the Hierarchy view and click into Validoo DataEntry and only the GTINs you have selected will be included in the editing mode. Here you can work with selected GTINs in the hierarchy and make your changes. Your changes will be validated and published as usual. In case of validation errors at a related level in the hierarchy, you will be given the choice to load the whole hierarchy and correct related errors.

2022-05-20 GDSN standard update 3.1.19

Status: Actioned

Published: 2022-05-20

On the evening of 20 May, the production release of the new GDSN version, 3.1.19, will begin. Downtime in Validoo will be about 1-2 hours and we will stop sending out article information. New rules related to the standard update will come into force on the afternoon of 21 May and we will also start sending out article information again according to version 3.1.19.

2022-04-22 Previous problem with disruption in the flow of article information is now resolved

Status: Actioned

Published: 10:16 2022-04-22

We are currently experiencing underlying problems after a .Net upgrade, which means that Validoo operations may take longer than usual. We are working with high priority to resolve the issue.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2022-03-23 Improvements and updates in Validoo

Status: completed

Published: 2022-03-22

Send picture of packaging for quality assurance of variable weight goods
For quality assurance of Dimensions of commodity weight goods, only Packaging type is checked. This means that you, as a supplier, now have the possibility to send only a picture of your packaging as a basis for quality assurance instead of a physical sample.

Copy information on articles regardless of status
Validoo DataEntry you now have the possibility to save time by using the copy function on all articles regardless of their status. This means that you as a user can create different drafts that can be used as pre-filled templates for products that look the same, for example in terms of weight, packaging, etc. Or if you have variants of the same product, but in different sizes.

Better design when uploading images for quality assurance
Improved design and clearer information on prices and how it works when uploading images for quality assurance.

Updates for recipients with the Validoo Buyer agreement

New filter for recipients “Show Public Items”
In the hierarchy view there is a new filter called “Show Public Items” which will make the supplier’s public information that has not been addressed to the recipient searchable in this view. Previously, recipients could only see specific information addressed by the supplier.

See both public and pre-addressed information in the product overview view
In the
product overview view, you can now see both public and pre-addressed information.

2022-03-09 Validoo DataEntry adapted for Finnish target market

Status: completed

Published: 2022-03-09

New feature in Validoo DataEntry that allows you to choose to send your item information to target market Finland and to Finnish recipients.

2022-02-15 Updates in Validoo

Status: completed

Published: 2022-02-16

The following updates have been made to Validoo:

General adaptations of our interfaces as Validoo moves from a brand to a GS1 Product
As Validoo as a brand will disappear and become a product, our Validoo and ProductSearch interfaces and packing slips will be adapted by, for example, removing Validoo logos or replacing them with GS1 logos.

Improved scroll function in the sidebar of hierarchy levels in DataEntry
Improvement of how you see hierarchies inside DataEntry when you have multiple levels. If you see 3 levels but have a 4th, when you scroll to the 4th you will now see levels 2, 3 and 4 which gives a better overview.

2022-02-01 Updates in Validoo

Status: completed

Published: 2022-02-02

The following updates have been made to Validoo:

Bugfix Excel Download
The system can handle a larger amount when exporting and you will get an error message in case it doesn’t work so you can try again with adjusted export options.

Improved function for downloading product sheets
It is now possible to name the product sheets more correctly with the date of download and the correct GTIN.

Users should always be able to switch companies
Whether or not you have any active roles on a customer, you can now switch between the customers you have access to.

Show which Variant has been used as a basis for checking Dimensions.
In My Bookings and in your latest QA results, you can now see which GTIN you entered as Variant to get direct OK on Measure.

2021-10-08 Previous problem with article information is now solved

Status: Actioned

Published: 11:55 8 October 2021

Validoo has had a problem in its system, where subscriptions valid for a few recipients were incorrectly deactivated. We have recreated all subscriptions, and have re-processed all messages that were stopped by rule 730298 (“subscription missing”) alone, regardless of the input system, and a positive acknowledgement that article information has arrived is about to be sent out.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

2021-08-19 New design in DataEntry

Status: planned

Published: 15:30. 19 Aug 2021

DataEntry has a new and more accessible design. With that, we’ve also made a small update for those of you who work with food.

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