GS1 Digital Link

GS1 Digital Link standard defines how to encode any valid set of GS1 element strings in a web address. The standard that makes it possible to share product data on the web by scanning a barcode with, for example, a mobile phone. GS1 Digital Link gives even more power to GS1 standards for identification and capturing by making them part of the web. It works as a menu with links to all kinds of information such as;

  • product information
  • user manuals
  • promotions
  • images
  • warranty registration

… and information on traceability that is important for both consumers and all business partners who handle the product in the supply chain.

GS1 Digital Link explained in three minutes

The standard connects both consumers and business partners (for example suppliers and retailers) to the information they want and need.

The users are most often found in the grocery and retail, pharmacies and healthcare industries. All with the common goal of sharing and spreading their information to customers, consumers and business partners. It can be anything from conveying concrete facts to marketing and strengthening your brand. Other examples of area of use are digital receipts and targeted recalls. In healthcare, GS1 Digital Link is used, among other things, to carry patient-related information.

Business to Consumer

GS1 Digital Link provides the opportunity to enhance and extend the consumer’s shopping experience. This contributes to higher brand loyalty and up selling.

At the same time, it takes mobile scanning in, for example, grocery and retail to the next level. The video explains more about consumer benefits.

Business to Business

Today, different barcodes are often used to scan for inventory, checkout and consumer information, which means that sometimes several barcodes are needed on a product. The advantage of GS1 Digital Link is that everyone in the value chain can scan the same barcode. This leads to easier barcode management and lower costs.

Are your products already labeled with a GS1 barcode? In that case, each product has its own GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and you have the foundation in place to start using GS1 Digital Link. The technology can be used for all GS1 standards for capturing that carries your data.

GS1 Identification Standards

A GS1 identifier, such as GTIN that identifies your product, opens the door to consumer information which strengthens brand loyalty, provides information on traceability, APIs for business partners, information on patient safety and much more.

The information in the code can initially be entered by the trademark owner and then the retailer and the store can in turn add offers such as promotions recipes and other added value.

Connect to a data carrier

GS1 Digital Link means that GS1 identifiers are encoded into a web link in a standardized way. To add GS1 Digital Link to a barcode or other data carrier, select one that is suitable and can be scanned with industrial equipment or with a standard mobile phone. For example QR Code, Data Matrix or NFC.

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