Validoo is Sweden’s largest digital platform for data quality and sharing of product information. With the help of the services in the platform, suppliers can send high quality product information and images to retailers and other recipients.

Several industries in Sweden have chosen to work in a coherent manner according to global GS1 standards for data sharing (GDSN), trade item information and product images. Validoo gives you access to;

  • Product data and image bank for your digital range
  • Automatic validation of trade item information and product images
  • Quality assurance of trade item information and product images
  • GDSN data pool for seamless and timely datasharing
  • Visibility in public search database

… and in addition, you get customer support, manuals, courses, webinars and a user friendly interface to help you move forward in your everyday tasks.

Who uses Validoo?

Over 2700 companies are customers to Validoo. Mainly suppliers who want to share information with a retailer. The fact that the information is checked and seamlessly shared makes it easier for anyone working with, for example, master data, images, sales, inventory and logistics.

Users usually work in industries that handle large amounts of product information such as; grocery, pharmacy, foodservice and alcoholic beverages, but also industries such as design & interior and app services.

The product data is also shared in our public search database ProductSearch. It is used by retailers, buyers and others who want information about products launched on the Swedish market.

Further development and user testing of the services takes place together with the users in reference groups at GS1 Sweden.

The benefits of Validoo

Industries that choose Validoo want to follow GS1 standards to streamline the entire supply chain. Validoo’s services help these companies to;

Digitize products

GS1 standards provide products with a common digital language. In this way, they can tell the story about themselves before launches, on delivery and to consumers. Validoo ensures that everyone who needs information about the products get it.

With the right information, at the right time, in the right place, the product’s journey towards launch will be effective.

Get better data quality

Accurate product information is important to the consumer, carrier, retailer and supplier. Validoo helps to improve the data quality of products because the information is validated according to GS1 standards. Many also choose to use the services to quality assure trade item information and product images.

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Validoo is good for everyone’s business. A retailer that receives accurate information saves time, increases sales and can plan inventory, logistics and shelfs.

And for Swedish suppliers, the services mean 2.5 billion SEK (1,3% ) in increased revenue and 1.5 billion SEK (2-5% ) in reduced costs per year.

Source: Accenture, GS1 value proposition for FMCG suppliers, 2016.

Share your information in real time

With Validoo’s data pool you are connected to the world’s largest product data network GDSN, which enables you to upload and share high-quality product information in real time.

Whoever receives the product information can always trust that it is accurate and updated.

How Validoo is used

For suppliers

To get started, you need the basic service Validoo supplier and a GS1-verified input system. See all systems.

Enter product information

The input system digitizes your product through the information you enter about the product. Everything is stored in the database and shared when you’re ready for launch.

Photograph products

Product information is more than just text. To help you meet the standard for product and planogram images, we offer product photography and CGI images from our photo studio.

Manage your product range

In Validoo you can manage your digital product range. Share photos, product and logistics information to different markets that access the same data in real time.

Quality assure information

When logged in, you can start using the services for quality assurance of trade item information and product images. This means that a specialist manually checks your information to help you make sure it follows GS1 standards.

Validate the information

Your product information is automatically validated and hundreds of terms are checked before sharing. Everything to make your data relevant and follow GS1 standards.

Share to a recipient

When the product is ready for the shelf, you can share the information seamlessly with your buyer or recipient. You also have the opportunity to inform them in advance and in good time before launch.

For retailers

You as a retailer, wholesaler or e-retailer want to be able to optimize your sales and plan shelfs, stock and deliveries. For your processes to work, you need to be able to trust that the product data and images you receive from your suppliers are updated and comply with GS1 standards. Validoo Buyer and Validoo Receiver are subscription services that help you with that.

Select service

Validoo Buyer

When connected to Validoo Buyer, you receive suppliers images and complete trade item information for consumer, non-consumer and pallet level. You get detailed information about products both before and after launch, which is crucial for assortment revisions. You also have access to a media bank with product images linked to the correct trade item information – all in one and the same flow.

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Validoo Receiver

When connected to Validoo Receiver, you receive suppliers images and registered trade item information up to the highest orderable level. As a recipient in the service, you get access to information about products that are already launched on the market. You also have access to a media bank with product images linked to the correct trade item information – all in one and the same flow.

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