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Validoo is Sweden’s largest platform for sharing and consuming structured product information, providing increased data quality throughout the logistics value chain – from supplier to retailer and end consumer.

Several industries in Sweden have chosen to work coherently according to global GS1 standards for data sharing (GDSN), trade item information and product images. Validoo gives you access to:

  • Product data and image bank

  • Automatic validation of trade item information and product images

  • Quality assurance of trade item information, barcodes and product images

  • GDSN data pool for seamless and timely datasharing

…and you also get customer support, manuals, courses and webinars that help you move forward in your work to optimize your sales process.

Quick facts

  • One channel for your product and image information.

  • Based on global standards with global reach.

  • Developed in cooperation with users.

  • Active network of experts to help you do better business.

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