GS1 standards for sharing help trading partners receive and share information about products, packages and locations. They ensure that your information flows seamlessly and securely throughout the supply chain.

Standards library

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StandardsWhat it isUsed to shareExamples
Electronic Data Interchange (GS1 EDI)electronic business messagingbusiness dataorder, invoice
GS1 XMLvalidation schedulebusiness dataorder, invoice, receipt
EANCOMsubset of UN/EDIFACTbusiness datatransport, order
GS1 UN/CEFACT XMLspecification for GS1 standards in UN/CEFACT XML messagesbusiness dataorder, invoice
Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)global product data networkproduct datastores, marketplaces
GS1 Global Data Modelglobal data modelproduct data stores, online
Global Product Classification (GPC)classification system product dataproduct statistics, sales statistics
GS1 Digital Linklinking system between barcode and webproduct datamobile phone scanning
GS1 Mobile Ready Hero Imagesmobile friendly product imagesproduct datae-commerce in the mobile
EPCISdata model, interfaceevent datatracking and status of products
GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS2)traceability solutionEventsproducts, parties
GS1 General Specificationsbasic specification for GS1 standardsall types of dataall areas
GS1 Trade Item Informationdata model subsetproduct dataproducts, food
GS1 Package Measurement Rulesmeasurement rules for packagingproduct datae-commerce, retail, quality assurance product information
GS1 Product Image Specificationstorage rules for digital imagesproduct and image datae-commerce, store, quality assurance image


ServiceWhat it isUsageExamples
Validooproduct database, validation and sharingproduct information and imagesmilk, shampoo, soft drinks
Quality assurancemanual quality assuranceimage and product informationfood, pharmacy goods, alcoholic beverages
Creative servicesphotography, CGIproduct images according to GS1 standardfood, pharmacy goods, alcoholic beverages
Input systemGS1-verified systemsTrade Item Information according to GS1 standard
ProductSearchsearch-database for productsProductsproduct information, images

Business processes

ProcessesWhat it isUsageExamples
ESAPBusiness processes for electronic commerce (EDI)business datacontract, invoice

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