ProductSearch is an open and free service that is used to find quality assured and current information about all the products and images found in GS1 Sweden’s database, and is launched for the Swedish market.

Anyone can use the service to view current and detailed trade item information about a product. It is also possible to compare up to four different products with each other.

Search for product information can be done in several different ways, via the unique identity of the product, GTIN, which is linked to the items barcode, but also through, for example, the functional description, trademark or supplier.

The products in ProductSearch are retrieved from several different product categories. In addition to food and beverages, there are products in areas such as beauty & health, health care, household appliances, work wear, mobile phone accessories and toys & games, to name a few. That means that ProductSearch offers a complete service for searching items.

Who uses ProductSearch?

Users of ProductSearch are either suppliers and e-retailers who want to share information about their products, or public sector businesses that want to find and compare information on a detailed level in connection with procurement and purchasing. The general public also uses ProductSearch to see and compare different goods.

ProductSearch is a complement to our Number information service

The benefits of ProductSearch

The web service ProductSearch facilitates both the planning of purchases and sales of goods. Since all trade item information is shared in the same channel, it is easier for suppliers to reach existing and new markets, and for buyers and consumers to find the right information and products.

With ProductSearch you have free access to current products launched for Swedish trade and market. The products are always automatically quality checked and often also manually checked and quality assured. Because the service is synchronized multiple times per day, you have constant access to current and updated trade item information with high data quality. Whether your goal is to convey or find information. It benefits everyone in the value chain, from supplier to consumer.