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Quality Assurance

Trade item information, barcodes and product images
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What is quality assurance?

Product and image information is shown in many places throughout a product’s journey through the supply chain. Products have much to share about themselves.

Product data quality, barcode quality and image quality are necessary to maintain a consistently high-quality level of your and your industry’s product data. High data quality helps both consumers and retailers.

Quality assurance services

Fortunately, there are services that can help you with getting your information right. Suppliers with the service agreement Validoo Supplier can at any time start quality assurance of your trade item information, your barcodes and your pictures.

Quality assurance of trade item information and barcodes

Quality assurance of trade item information is the manual check of your digital trade item information, as compared to a physical or a digital product sample. A specialist will help you secure your product data quality before you start selling the product.

We check that the following:

  • measurements,
  • product markings, (for example KRAV, FSC)
  • packaging type,
  • storage temperature,
  • ingredients lists and nutrient values

… are correct and in agreement with the information on the product packaging. In total, we check approximately 50 different attributes that must follow the GS1 standard for trade item information.

Barcode quality assurance is a manual check that the barcode on the packaging is legible and follows GS1 standards for barcodes. About 20 parameters are checked by our specialists with the help of advanced scanning equipment.

The checks reveal whether your product data quality and the barcode are up to par.

Ordering and lead time

Quality assurance of trade item information and barcodes can be ordered once you are logged in to Validoo. Choose between Ordinary Quality Assurance, which will give you a result within 1-5 working days, or Express, which, for an extra fee, will give you a result within 24 hours. Please note that the lead time applies from the moment we receive the sample.

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Quality assurance of product images

Quality assurance of marketing and planogram product images entails a manual check of your image, which gives your reseller proof that it is of sufficiently high quality.

We check that:

  • image quality
  • metadata
  • the image’s consistency with its trade item information

… complies with industry rules for image quality. We check that approximately 30 attributes follow the global GS1 standard for product images.

Guidelines and rules for product images

Once the image is approved it will be made available for publishing, and it is then ready to be shared with retailers and other recipients in Validoo.

Product images that you want to have quality-assured can be produced at GS1 Sweden’s photo studio or using another provider.

Ordering and lead time

Quality assurance of images takes 1-5 workdays from the time at which the image is linked to your order.

If your uploaded image does not meet the quality assurance requirements, but is editable (e.g. activated and properly designed clipping path), GS1’s studio will edit the image for you for an additional fee.

More on how it works


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