How do I pack and label physical samples?

It is important that the products come to GS1 in good condition. If a label has been damaged in the transport and the barcode cannot be scanned correctly, the quality assurance will not be approved. If the product has been squashed, the dimensions in the trade item information may not be correct. Therefore, pack your samples thoroughly.

In order for GS1 to match a product sample with your booking, it is important that the delivery note you receive while confirming the booking, is printed and sent with the sample. If you have missed printing the delivery note when booking, you can do so afterwards if you go to the “My Bookings” tab.

Also, note that:

  • If you pack your sample in some form of transport packaging, remember to label the outer packaging with your company name and GLN (as stated on the delivery note)
  • If any of the samples that are to be quality assured (outer packaging and/or consumer packaging) lack barcode, you need to mark them with the GTIN specified in the trade item information
  • If the product sample is missing a delivery note or if the delivery note does not match the product sample, it may take longer before quality assurance can begin. 
  • Send the sample with delivery to GS1’s gate, for example with “Postens företagspaket” or carrier. GS1 is unable to retrieve packages from an external delivery point.
  • Chilled and frozen products should be transported with refrigerated transport, if there is a risk that measurements will change during transport or that the packaging is otherwise destroyed. Unfortunately, GS1 cannot return chilled or frozen samples since quality assurance is carried out at room temperature and we cannot guarantee an unbroken cooling chain.

You can read more about the Instructions for product samples.

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