User Groups

Development and maintenance of GS1’s standards, solutions and services takes place together with our users in work groups. By participating in GS1’s user groups, you are involved in influencing standards and processes while gaining inspiration, increased knowledge and a broader understanding of how our standards work.

“For us as a company, it feels extremely privileged as a participant in the user group get to participate in this discussion.”

— Kristina Everbrink, Product Manager at OneMed

GS1 Sweden’s user groups are open to all our customers. When we start new user groups, we inform about it on our website, through our newsletters and through relevant industry and member organizations.

User groups tasks

  • Observe, monitor and influence GS1’s standardization work.
  • Initiate suggestions for changes to standards to GS1.
  • Make decisions to recommend the application of standards in Sweden.
  • Maintain and further develop Swedish recommendations of GS1’s standards.
  • Ensure that Swedish recommendations comply with Swedish and international laws and regulations.

General principles for the groups

  • The composition of the groups should have a good balance between buyer and seller.
  • The meetings are led by staff from GS1 Sweden.
  • Meeting notes are distributed to the people who signed up for the user group.