For efficient value chains and global trade

GS1 standards

GS1 standards help companies around the world identify, label and share information about everything that moves in their value chains and commodity flows. From product and packaging to location and shipping - GS1 gives you the global business language you need to make your business more efficient and competitive.

GS1 standards constitute a common digital business language that creates the conditions for global trade. It enables traceability in value chains, increased efficiency, sustainability and safety for companies, consumers and society.

With GS1 standards, products, packaging, packages, shipments, locations and much more receive unique digital identities and a structured language for data sharing between systems.

GS1 standards help you to …

Standards make it easier to communicate and exchange information with other companies. GS1 standards are global, proven and suitable for all industries and companies regardless of size.

Using GS1 standards ensures that your solutions are versatile, technology independent and last over time. They also help comply with laws and regulations, as well as build trust with customers and partners.

GS1 Identify
Access unique numbers from GS1 to identify products, locations, parcels and more, streamlining your information flows.
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Use barcodes, 2D codes and RFID/EPC tags to quickly and securely transfer and scan information from physical objects to systems.
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When everything has a common language, information can be shared quickly and seamlessly with business partners worldwide.
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Business benefits for you

GS1 standards enable you to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your value chain.

  • Reduce administration and costs.

  • Participate in global trade.

  • Create visibility in the value chain.

  • Increase consumer confidence.

  • Ensure product safety and patient safety.

  • Improve data quality.

  • Promote sustainability.

  • Achieve full traceability.

  • Meet legal and environmental requirements.

Improve your traceability

By using GS1 standards for identification, labeling and sharing, you can improve your ability to track your products, services, assets, packages, vehicles, and more. By combining different GS1 standards, you enable increased transparency and access to traceability data.

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Global standards that are open to all

GS1 standards is a global system of standards that is open to all companies of all sizes. No matter where you work in the world, GS1 standards will work for you.

GS1 is not for profit and standards that are developed are industry neutral.
User driven
Standard development takes place together with our customers in user groups.
GS1 standards and user groups are open to all companies.

Deepen your knowledge of GS1 standards

If you have already started using GS1 standards and want to know more about how you can develop your knowledge or use them, you can take part in one of our webinars and courses or alternatively ask our knowledgeable customer service.

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