Send trade item information

This is how you get your company to quickly and easily start sending trade item information to your buyers.


1. Join GS1

In order for your buyers to see who the information comes from, your company needs a GS1 Company Prefix. This is the foundation for using all GS1 standards like GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). Get your company prefix by becoming a GS1 customer.

2. Barcode your products

Use your GS1 Company Prefix to create barcodes and number your items with GTIN. And then create a GLN to identify your company and location.

3. Get Validoo

To share trade item information with your buyers, you need Validoo and a GS1-verified input system of your choice to register your product data. There are several to choose from, so be sure to choose one that best suits your business needs. Select system.

Send trade item information

Ensure that the preparatory steps are made before you start sharing.

1. Enter the trade item information

Fill in the trade item information using the input system. Once the preparations are in place, only the trade item information remains to be filled in before you can send the information to your buyers.

2. Send trade item information

Once you have entered the trade item information in the input system, you are ready to send it to your buyers via Validoo. The information is shared directly from your input system connected to Validoo.

Once the information is shared, it is automatically checked in Validoo’s system. This help you secure that the information complies with global and Swedish validation rules. If the information is correct, Validoo passes the information on to selected recipients. If the information has deficiencies, it must be corrected and resent.

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