What type of quality assurance should I choose?

There are three different types of quality assurance for a product and to get fully approved status of your product, you need to do all three types.

1. Product information

In this quality assurance, we compare entered values in the trade item information with what is stated on the packaging. For example, if you have filled in that your product is marked with the “Keyhole”, check that that marking is also on the packaging. In addition, it is checked that the entered trade item information follows the GS1 standard for trade item information. To do this check, we need a document that shows exactly what your product, with all these labels, looks like. You digitally upload this information in Validoo when you make your booking. It can e.g. be a print original (artwork) on the packaging, photographs on the product (all pages that have a label) or a scanned label.

2. Measurement

This quality assurance checks that the entered measurements in the trade item information correspond to the actual physical product, and that the product is measured according to GS1 Package and Product Measurement Standard. If you launch a completely new package, send us a physical product sample for measurement. If you have previously quality-assured a similar package, you will see it in the booking, and you can get an approved status without sending in a physical product sample.

3. Barcode

When quality assurance of the barcode on the packaging is checked that it can be read by a scanner, and that it is structured according to the GS1 standard for barcodes. To be able to do this check, you need to send in a package with the barcode on it.

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