Whether you sell clothes, shoes or cosmetics, you can use GS1 standards to create more efficient business processes and higher product safety.
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Retail is one of GS1’s most prioritized industries, both globally and in Sweden. With GS1 standards, you who are active in the retail trade can identify, capture, and share product information throughout the value chain.

GS1 standards in the retail trade

GS1 standards have become far more important at a time when consumers are gaining more and more power. They expect accurate and clear product information as well as information about accessibility. To make sure that your products are prioritized, you will benefit from meeting the demands from consumers by having the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

By using GS1 standards, you can create a better flow and greater transparency throughout the value chain. We can help you strengthen the growth of your business and improve efficiency, safety and sustainability. By using GS1, you can also ensure that your stock control is improved, and that you meet the requirements on your product so that it can be sold in the way you want. Maybe your products need a barcode to be sold in stores? GS1 can help you with that.

Discovery App

With the GS1 Discovery App, you can easily and interactively explore GS1 standards in practice throughout the supply chain.

Here you can trace a T-shirt from cultivation of cotton to retailer and consumer. And discover how standards benefit your business.

Standards in use

GS1 offers a number of different standards for different purposes. In retail, the most common are GTIN for product identification and outer packaging, as well as SSCC for pallets. By obtaining these, you can in the next step create barcodes to label your products with EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF-14 and GS1-128. RFID is also widely used in retail to simplify inventory and similar processes.

Be a part of the development

As a customer of GS1 Sweden, you can be a part of and influence the development of our standards. We believe that you and others, experts in different types of businesses, possess valuable information that can be useful to your industry. Together we make the standards better!

Development and maintenance of GS1 standards, solutions and services is made together with our customers in user groups. By participating in GS1 Sweden’s user groups, you are involved in influencing standards and at the same time gain an increased knowledge and broader understanding of how GS1 standards work.

Are you active in the retail industry and want to be involved in taking GS1 standards, solutions and services into the future? Then you are most welcome to participate in our user groups!

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