Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1

Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID – get the right product identity with Verified by GS1

We live in a world where data drives business. E-commerce websites offer millions of products to consumers – and billions of barcodes are scanned in physical stores every day. This makes it extra important that the data available about your products can be trusted. With Verified by GS1, you can now answer the question: “Is this the product I think it is?”.

Verified by GS1 enables retailers and marketplaces to securely verify the products they sell with data coming directly from the brand owner. This leads to greater efficiency in the product chain and to a better shopping experience which in turn drives sales and fewer returns.

Only data provided directly by brand owner

Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 is used by retailers, marketplaces and brand owners. If you subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix you get an unlimited number of searches.
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Produkt ID Verified by GS1

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Verified by GS1 for:


As a retailer, you can use Verified by GS1 to search for GTIN from around the world to see who owns the GTIN and to get basic information and a picture of the product.

Verified by GS1 provides retailers:

  • Time and cost savings when collecting and verifying data
  • Lower risk of incorrect use of GTIN
  • Optimized business processes

Brand owner

When you as a brand owner manage and structure your GTINs and products under My products in MyGS1, the information is registered in the global database GS1 Registry Platform (GRP). This enables interested parties to use Verified by GS1 to verify that you are the owner of your products and that the products have the correct GTIN.

Verified by GS1 provides brand owners;

  • Simplified data sharing process and faster time-to-market
  • Higher brand integrity through better market insights and increased visibility of data quality
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Success story

METRO and P&G get insightful business benefits with Verified by GS1

METRO and P&G recently conducted a joint evaluation of Verified by GS1. The project provided a wide range of learnings.
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Verified by GS1 is a global service used to verify and retrieve information such as:
• If a GTIN is a valid GTIN
• Which company owns that particular GTIN
• Basic information and picture of the product connected to the GTIN.

Verified by GS1 is used by retailers, marketplaces and brand owners. Everyone in the brand chain who is involved in selling or buying products has a need to either register a product’s GTIN or to verify the brand owner or the identity of a product.

At you can try the service with a limited number of searches per day. You who subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix at GS1 Sweden get an unlimited number of searches logged in our customer portal MyGS1.

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This feature is currently unavailable. Is there anything you see that your company needs? Please contact our customer service and tell us how you would like to use Verified by GS1.