Create SSCC

GS1 package numbers are called SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) and are used to number logistics units such as pallets and parcels with unique numbers. SSCC enables manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, buyers and consumers to track a logistics unit from manufacturing to end customer. This can be used, among other things, for freight tracking, inventory management and for more efficient handling regarding transport.


To produce a package number (SSCC), your company first needs to acquire a GS1 Company prefix – a number series that gives your company and your items a unique identity. The GS1 numbers that you create with the company prefix, GTIN, GLN, SSCC, GSIN and more, you can then use worldwide.

Create SSCC

An SSCC consists of 18 digits that you create using an initial number, your GS1 Company prefix, a serial number, and a check digit.

  1. Select and enter an initial number between 0-9.
  2. Enter your GS1 Company prefix consisting of 6-9 digits or 12 digits if you are using Single Numbers.
  3. Give your package a serial number. We recommend that you number your packages so that the first one gets the number “… 001”, the second gets the number “… 002”, and so on. Note that you must keep track of which serial numbers you use since this is not something that is registered with us.
  4. Finally, you should calculate and enter a check digit. The check digit cannot be determined by yourself, it must be calculated. Note that you must calculate a new check digit for each new SSCC number you create.