Global Location Number (GLN)

What is a GLN (Global Location Number)?

GLN (Global Location Number) provides a globally unique, standardised identifier that allows companies to answer the questions who and where throughout the entire supply chain. The unique number is used by companies who want to identify locations and parties in the supply chain:

  • Physical locations, such as warehouses, dock doors and ports.
  • Mobile locations, such as an ambulance or a food truck.
  • Functions, such as Sales or Accounting departments.
  • Legal entities, for exemple a company or subsidiary.
  • Digital locations, such as systems for electronic messages (EDI).

Who uses GLN?

Many industries and the public sector use Global Location Numbers. Your company can use it to search in Verified by GS1 and can, in addition to contact and address information, also receive additional information about other companies and organizations that are affiliated with GS1.

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The benefits

The number helps to streamline communication between trading parties to ensure that;

  • products, goods and invoices end up in the right place.

  • information exchange is consolidated and automated.

  • companies get better control and visibility in their supply chain.

  • companies save time when parties and locations are identified accurately and communicated once.

  • the foundation for tracking and tracing is in place.

How to use GLN

In systems
Increase visibility in the supply chain by announcing your GLN for location and party identification in electronic commerce systems (EDI and EPCIS).
Read more about identification
In data carriers
The number is encoded in barcodes, 2D codes or RFID / EPC tags. This helps you to direct the delivery to its destination and find out where it came from.
Create barcodes
In database services
Publish your location numbers by connecting to the Directory database service. Your numbers will be visible in the GS1 Number Information Service.
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