Global Location Number (GLN)

The Global Location Number (GLN) is a unique number used by companies to identify;

  • physical locations such as delivery points, warehouses, warehouse gates
  • operational locations – such as EDI mailboxes, Electronic Product Code / (EPC/RFID) read point
  • party – any legal entity or organisation: such as company operating in the supply chain including suppliers, customers, and financial services.


  • A uniquely identified warehouse gate give information of where the pallet is located.
  • A hospital bed can be identified for better monitoring and follow-up.
  • A company in the supply chain can be identified (for example, manufacturer, warehouse or head quarter).

Who uses GLN?

Companies and organisations in grocery, retail, marketplaces, foodservice, transport and logistics and the public sector use GLN to improve the efficiency of communication with trading partners. This ensures that products, goods and invoice information ends up in the right place.

With GLN they can easily search for companies and get the right address information in our Number information service.

The benefits of GLN

Global location numbers makes electronic commerce more effective as the information between trading partners is streamlined. GLN helps the parties ensure that;

  • products, goods and invoice information end up in the right place
  • communication between trading partners is automated
  • companies get better control of their supply chain information
  • companies save time and reduce the number of errors when identification is quickly and accurately
  • time optimization when name, address etc. only need to be communicated once
  • the foundation for working with traceability is in place

How GLN is used


Identify companies

You can use Global Location Number (GLN) to identify your company in various electronic commerce systems. Procurers may sometimes require suppliers to have a GLN number.

Create barcodes

GLN can be used when you create barcodes, The number can be encoded in the GS1-128, GS1 DataMatrix barcodes, or in an EPC/RFID tag

Global Location Number

Share information

You can publish a single or multiple GLN by connecting to our Directory service. The numbers become traceable to different addresses and enables customers to search for them in our Number information service.

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Get a GLN

You will automatically get a GLN when you join GS1 and recieve your GS1 Company Prefix. As a customer, you can immideatly start using GLN numbers and unlock all other GS1 standards.

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