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As a customer of GS1, you get the chance to identify and keep track of your products, locations, parcels and other items. Your subscription unlocks all GS1 standards and enables you to trade both locally and globally.
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When you join GS1 you get unique numbers and barcodes that create business opportunities for trading in Sweden and the world. Get started by getting a subscription.

Get a barcode in three steps

1. Get subscription

The subscription includes a GS1 Company Prefix – your company’s unique number that provides access to all GS1 standards.

2. Create numbers

Create unique numbers (GTIN) for your products. GS1 identification standards help you keep track of everything in your supply chain.

3. Create barcodes

Create a barcode for each unique number. This allows products and parcels to be scanned by trading partners and consumers.

Here’s what you get:

Opportunities to do business locally and globally

Our standards enables you to trade with retailers and marketplaces worldwide.

The key to a global business language

A GTIN identifies your product using a barcode, with GLN you can identify locations and with SSCC you can identify logisic units.

Access to training and inspiration

With 45 years of experience, we have lots of material and training formats that can help you do even better business.

An opportunity to influence the development of GS1 standards

As a customer, you can join our user groups and influence the development of standards locally and globally.

Free support

We are here to help you every day of the week. No question is too small or strange!


GS1 Company Prefix

A subscription that allows you to use all GS1 standards to identify, capture and share. Create number series of between 1000 to 1 million numbers.

  • 1 GS1 Company Prefix
  • All standards – GTIN, GLN, SSCC and more
  • 1000 – 1 million numbers
  • Access to GS1 services
  • Free support

Single numbers

For you who only need one number to identify a product, location, party or package. Your subscription includes a GTIN, a GLN and up to 100,000 SSCC.

  • 1 GTIN number
  • 1 GLN number
  • 100 000 SSCC numbers
  • Free support

One-off GLN

A good choice for you who only need a single GLN number to identify a location or party. The subscription includes one GLN number.

  • 1 GLN number
  • Free support

GS1 Company Prefix

Our most often used subscription gives you a GS1 Company Prefix that allows usage of all GS1 numbers and services.

Your company’s annual turnover (MSEK)Annual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)
0-31 490
3-103 810
10-255 750
25-1007 800
100-50012 900
500-1 00016 800
1 000-5 00020 200
5 000-10 00024 600
More than 10 00029 100

Single number

A subscription that give you a GTIN number, a GLN number and 100,000 SSCC numbers to help you identify products, locations, parties and packages.

Your company’s annual turnover (MSEK)Annual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)
1-1001 490
100-1 0001 630
More than 1 0001 845

One-off GLN

A subscription that gives you a GLN number to help you identify a location or party.

Amount of GLN numbersAnnual subscription fee excl. VAT (SEK)