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As a customer of GS1, you get the chance to identify and keep track of your products, locations, parcels and other items. Your subscription unlocks all GS1 standards and enables you to trade both locally and globally.
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Three different subscriptions

As a customer of GS1 Sweden, you get access to the world’s most widely used standards for global trade and logistics. Companies of all sizes get the opportunity to sell their products all over the world. And create an efficient supply chain thanks to unique numbers, barcodes and standards for digital information.

The GS1 Company Prefix subscription allows you to use all GS1 standards and a variety of services included. It works much like an amusement park wristband that gives free access to all rides.

The other two subscriptions are customized, such as access to a certain type of number that is necessary for your buyer.

Here’s what you get

  • Opportunity to do business locally and globally. GS1 standards enables you to trade with retailers and marketplaces worldwide.

  • The key to a global business language. A GTIN identifies your product using a barcode, with GLN you can identify locations and with SSCC logistic units.

  • Access to training and inspiration. Guidelines, courses and seminars can help you do even better business.

  • Unlimited support. We are here to help you every day of the week. No question is too small or strange!

  • Opportunity to influence the development of GS1 standards. Join our user groups and influence the development of standards locally and globally.

Our subscriptions

There are three different GS1 subscriptions. Choose the one that suits your business best.

GS1 Company Prefix

The most common subscription. With a GS1 Company Prefix, you can use all GS1 standards to identify, capture, and share information.

  • All GS1 standards.
  • Access to GS1 services.
  • 1,000 to 100,000 numbers.
  • Management of numbers and products in MyGS1.
  • Free support.

Single number

Suitable for those who need a number to identify a product, location, party, package or shipment. Your subscription includes a GTIN, a GLN and up to 100,000 SSCC or 10,000 GSIN.

  • 1 GTIN number.
  • 1 GLN number.
  • 100,000 SSCC numbers.
  • 10,000 GSIN
  • Free support.

To order Single number, contact our customer service.

One-Off GLN

For those who only need a single GLN number to identify a location or party.

  • 1 GLN number.
  • Free support.

Please note that this GLN should not be used to identify you as an Information Provider in Validoo. We then instead refer to ordering either GS1 Company Prefix or Single Number.

Fees for subscriptions

You’ll find all the fees for our subcriptions and services here

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