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All products have a story to tell about themselves on their journey through the supply chain. GS1 standards give them a common business language that the whole world understands. Start by giving your product, parcel or location a digital identity with unique numbers and barcodes.

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How GS1 can help you


Create unique numbers when you need to identify products, parcels, locations and more. Give each item their own ID-number.


Create barcodes, 2D codes or RFID/EPC tags - reliable and multipurpose data carriers always ready to be scanned.


Share high-quality information about products, parcels and locations. Your trading partners receives timely and reliable data.


Search for product information in our public database. Here you will find updated information about over 290 000 products launched for the Swedish market.

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Manage, store and share your product information and images. Services designed to help you do better business with high-quality data for your digital product range.

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Jonatan Tullberg

Data is the most important asset of our time

Jonatan Tullberg reflects on his first six months as CEO.

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GTIN 50 years: Continues to digitize commerce

GTIN set the standard 50 years ago. Now it's time for the next generation of barcodes.

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Quality assurance

Updated Quality Assurance Service in Validoo

An updated version of the Validoo Quality Assurance Service has been launched.

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Digitalization, traceability and data quality in focus 2021

Jonatan Tullberg, new CEO of GS1 Sweden, looks ahead to 2021.

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Coop automates for higher data quality

Read more about how Coop automates to save time, increase security and data quality.

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Layer with a GLN

Focus on GLN in new subscription

Our new subscription helps companies to use GLN in order to meet market requirements.

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Implementation of 2D codes in the grocery industry

An ongoing initiative on 2D codes - the barcode of the future with high capacity.

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