Use ProductSearch

Do a search

There are several ways to search for product information in ProductSearch, where keyword search may be the easiest and most common. In the search box you have the option to search by functional name, brand and supplier, either individually or together.

If you are looking for information about a specific product, you can also search for the product’s unique identity GTIN, which is linked to the products barcode. By searching the product’s own GTIN, you ensure that you get the right information about the right product.

Filter a search

If you get a lot of results after you have made a search, you can narrow down your search results by using filters and for example enter a brand, ingredient, or marking that you’re interested in. Maybe you are looking for goods that are gluten free, “svanenmärkta” or have some other specific attribute that is important to you.

You can filter on several different markings and accreditations, country of origin and area, information providers, reference to requirement specifications and latest update date. Of course, you only get results where the information provider has entered the requested information.

Compare multiple products

Once you’ve found the product you were looking for, you can select it and up to 3 other products to compare them side by side. This way you can see detailed information about the products you are interested in, compare them and find the product that suits you best.

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