Create a GLN

Learn how to create a Global Location Number (GLN). It is a number used to identify a specific location, a company or parties to business transactions.

Do you need to identify a location or a company? Then you need a GLN (Global Location Number). It is a location number used to identify specific locations and parties such as;

  • companies and legal entities
    (for example: entire companies; subsidiaries or divisions of a company, )
  • physical locations
    (for example: delivery location in a store, storage place, manufacturing facility, distribution center, an operating room etc.)
  • functions within companies
    (example: invoice recipient, payee, purchasing function)
  • digital locations
    (for example: ERP system)
  • mobile locations
    (for example: ambulance, food truck, boat)

1. Preparations

You create a GLN by becoming a customer to GS1. Select GS1 Company Prefix to identify multiple locations and single numbers in case you only need to identify one single location.

2. Create GLN

stock GLN
Identify multiple locations with GS1 Company Prefix

A GLN consists of 13 digits and is created using the GS1 Company Prefix, which is the number you received when you became a customer, a sequence number, and a check digit that you calculate using our check digit calculator.

For example, for a number series with a capacity of 1000 GLN, the structure looks like this:

FFFFFFFFF – is your company prefix that should be included in all the numbers you create.

AAA – is a sequence number. This number you decide yourself. It could be from 000-999. We recommend numbering in order of sequence. That is, 001,002,003 and so on.

When you subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden, the Generate number service, which helps you to create GTIN, GLN, SSCC and GSIN, is included. The service provides the entire number, including the check digit.

K – is a check digit that you calculate using the Check digit Calculator. The check digit cannot be selected by yourself and must be calculated for each new location number you create.

If you have a GS1 Company prefix that is 12 digits long (also known as single numbers), you only need to use the calculator as in the example above to calculate the check digit. You use the 12 digits that you received when ordering single numbers.

Finished! Now you’re ready to start using your unique GLN with business partners around the world. The next step is to ensure they are registered in GRP and searchable in Verified by GS1 and My places.

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