GS1 DataMatrix

GS1 DataMatrix is a two-dimensional barcode that is suitable for marking products with limited space because it can be very small. The barcode can contain a larger amount of information compared to a standard barcode and can provide, among other things, information that enables traceability and authenticity evidence.

Who uses GS1 DataMatrix

GS1 DataMatrix is mainly used in the healthcare sector and since 2019 the barcode is used on all prescription drugs. The barcode requires a camera-based scanner and the pharmacies checkout points should be able to read the GS1 DataMatrix.

The benefits of GS1 DataMatrix

The advantage of GS1 DataMatrix is that although small it can contain a large amount of information. It is durable because it has a built-in redundancy and can also be etched into metal. This means that it is used, for example, to label medical equipment, such as a scalpel, which needs to be sterilized and then reused for the next patient. GS1 DataMatrix is widely used in the clothing industry to provide more information about country of origin, batch, season and more.

How GS1 DataMatrix is used

Using application identifiers, the GS1 DataMatrix can contain several types of information. The application identifiers describe the type of information contained in the barcode. In addition to GTIN, it can also contain for example expiry date, serial number, and batch number. Read more about how GS1 DataMatrix is used here.