How Axfood gathered its processes with GS1’s CGI service

In today’s digital landscape, high-quality and lifelike product images are becoming increasingly important. Especially for larger and trade-driven businesses. However, if you do not have an effective process for the production of product images, product launches may take too long. Something that can affect e-commerce as well as digital channels and store signage.

Product images created with CGI.

Eight months ago, Axfood chose to switch to its long-term partner GS1’s Computer Generated Images (CGI) service for 3D production. We have spoken to Emma Töpel Hanson, Head of Marketing Communications for Own Branded Products at Dagab, part of Axfood, to hear more about the collaboration.

It was after using Validoo’s image bank for several years that Dagab expanded its cooperation with GS1 Sweden. GS1 had long helped with the development of trade item information and products. After working with another 3D product image agency, Dagab chose to switch to GS1’s CGI product image development service for all its brands. The new transition hoped to bring everything together under one roof. Another important aspect was to maintain the high launch and production rate.

Fast and efficient image production

Emma Töpel Hanson, Dagab.

CGI is an important building block for many organizations today. And for Dagab, it’s almost a necessity. Dagab has a high production and launch rate. Because of this, the production of images needs to be able to take place quickly, but also with good foresight. Sometimes the image production needs to take place before the product is even produced. This further increases the need for speed. So, to drive your business forward, it is absolutely crucial with good foresight and efficient production.

“CGI gives us an important feature, which we must have. We have a high launch and production rate. Information can change quickly on packages and in recipe. By working with CGI, we can manage that pace,” says Emma.

CGI enables the production of computer-generated product images that are fully realistic. And that happens completely without physical goods or a camera. Through packaging models, content samples and design data, Validoo’s photo studio puts together fully lifelike images. After that, the images can be used in e-commerce and in digital channels. But also for advertising and as signage material in physical stores.

Enhanced collaboration created a unified process

The decision to switch to GS1’s 3D production service was a big decision for Dagab. It was only after a year of consideration about switching to GS1’s CGI service that they felt ready to take on the change. And thanks to good preparation, the move felt safe,” says Emma.

“The transition went as planned and it was full production from day one,” she continues.

The cooperation between GS1 Sweden and Dagab has worked well. An important key has been the overall competence, but also the existing cooperation. Thanks to this basis, the conditions have been good. And today, the challenge is mainly about planning for large launch windows. With this, there is also an increased need for a good dialogue regarding the management of Dagab’s highs and lows. With Dagab already using a number of GS1’s services, CGI will be one of many combined steps in the process, which will also simplify the entry period. Thanks to the unique contact point for the business as a whole, the processes are made easier, says Emma.

Good solutions bode well for the future

Emma welcomes the collaboration with GS1 Sweden and believes that the transition to GS1’s CGI service is a good solution for Dagab’s industry and needs. For Dagab, the focus is on expanding the common image bank, with GSI at its side. They want to include more package models, thereby simplifying image production. After that, it would be interesting to look more at how to optimize images for e-commerce.

“E-commerce is now an important function. We have started to look at how to produce images that suits the e-commerce customer better,” she says.

Dagab’s five reasons for choosing CGI

  • Plan and produce images in advance
    CGI enables more efficient production of product images. With a production with good foresight, but also through a fast production rate, risks of delays can be minimized. Among other things, thanks to the fact that no physical product is required to produce the image.

  • The pictures will be spotless
    By building a 3D version of products, you ensure that you are always treated with stylish packaging. In the right suit and colour. By using 3D, you do not have to spend time retouching unwanted damage that can occur in physical transport of the product.

  • All services under one roof
    Gather all your services in one place and create smoother flows. Examples of things that can be collected are product information, image bank and CGI.

  • The product image is customizable
    If you want to change or alter the appearance of a product to suit different markets, CGI can make corrections. Just by a few keystrokes.

  • Streamlined processes
    By easily creating product images with GS1’s developed methods and models, you can simultaneously save time and resources within the business.

Axfood is one of the largest food retailing companies in the Nordic region. And with Dagab as a purchasing and logistics company, they currently run several successful brands on the Swedish market. There, everyone shares the goal of offering affordable, good and sustainable food. That contributes to a better everyday life.

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