My products in MyGS1

My Products in MyGS1

My products is a web service that helps brand owners easily register and connect their GTIN with a limited amount of product information and a product image.

The service is for companies that subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix and you use it as logged in to our customer portal MyGS1.

Watch our video tutorials or follow the written step-by-step guides below. You can choose to register product information and GTIN one at a time or import the information from an Excel file.

Register products

Enter required product information to generate next availiable GTIN. Or select the Import products feature if you’d rather upload from Excel.

Mischa and Rebecka show you how to register product information and connect to a GTIN

1. Select the level of the product

Start by specifying the level at which the product should be registered.

  • Base level means that the trade item cannot contain any other items and it cannot be divided.
    Example: A bottle of shampoo
  • Higher level means that the item contains several products that are included and can be divided.
    Example: A cardboard box or a multipack

2. Select the type of item

Then choose how your product will be sold. This choice controls which GTIN type the service will assign to your product.
Example: GTIN-13

  • Consumer trade item means that the product should be sold directly to the consumer.
    Example: A jar of jam
  • Non-consumer trade item is a trade item that should not be sold directly to consumers.
    Example: A cardboard box or a tray

3. Register product information

Now it’s time to register your product information. Some mandatory attributes are required to describe your product, but you have the option to select more optional attributes.

After you have registred the mandatory product attributes, an available GTIN is generated from your number series.

  1. Brand refers to the product’s brand name
  2. Sub-brand (optional)
    refers to new product categories under an existing brand.
  3. Functional name refers to the name of the product category to which the item belongs.
    Example: Breakfast cereals
  4. Variant (optional) refers to a variant of a previous item.
    Example: A new flavour of an existing soft drink.
  5. Net content refers to the net content of the product.
    Example: Gram, milliliters.
  6. Target market refers to the country or countries in which you are going to sell the product.
  7. Trade item classification (GPC) refers to the classification in which the product belongs. Select class from a list.
  8. Product image (optional) refers to an image of the product for better recognition.

The information you registered is now shared to the global database GS1 Registry Platform. There, your buyers and stakeholders can see the right GTIN linked to the right product and the right brand owner.

Import products

Do you have an existing larger range and already know what GTIN your products have? Then you can choose to register the product information in an Excel template that you upload to My products in MyGS1.

Mischa and Rebecka show you how to import product information from Excel to My products

If you used the Generate numbers service, your GTIN is already prefilled in the template that was exported from the service, and you’ll start from step 5 in the wizard below.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in to MyGS1 and select My products
  2. Click Import products.
  3. Download the Excel template
  4. Fill in the Excel template with your GTIN
  5. In the Excel template, fill in product information associated with your GTIN. The five green fields are mandatory attributes, and the pink fields are optional.
  6. Click Import products and select Upload a file
  7. Your product information will be uploaded to My products


Do you have questions and concerns about My products? Take a look at our FAQ below where we update with the most frequently asked questions. See FAQ.

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