ESAP 20.1

Retail supply chain

ESAP 20.1 – Retail supply chain, is an established business process that simplifies electronic business messaging (GS1 EDI). This means that users throughout the entire supply chain, gain better control over the flow of goods by exchanging business information, such as product information, orders, and invoice.

To help industries that want to implement ESAP business processes for EDI, GS1 Sweden has, together with users, developed tutorials, specifications and process descriptions to make implementation and use as efficient as possible.

The benefits of working according to the ESAP 20 process is often measured in saved time, reduced administration and lower development costs.

Who uses ESAP 20.1?

The process is developed in a GS1 Sweden user group consisting of suppliers, retailers and wholesalers from different industries such as grocery and foodservice, but it can also be used in retail.

The benefits of ESAP 20.1

Control and traceability of the supply chain

In grocery and retail, it is important that the right item is ordered, with the right quantity and delivered on time. ESAP 20.1 makes it easy to get it right. It gives you control and traceability over the goods all the way from the warehouse to the last point of delivery.

It reduces waste, provides shorter lead times and provides traceability throughout the supply chain from manufacturer to the final customer.

Save time and money

When companies integrate their systems for logistics, finance and purchasing, for example, resources can be used more efficiently.

By adapting operations according to ESAP 20.1, all parts of the company can communicate with each other in the same way and the administration is streamlined.

Companies that have fully implemented the process have reduced their administrative costs by up to 90 %.

More efficient transport and inventory management

With ESAP 20.1, trade partners have the same, accurate information about the trade items dimensions, weight, durability and more. This makes it easier to optimize and streamline transports and get good inventory management when the storage space is used in the best way.

Established and industry-oriented process

ESAP 20.1 is an established business process that means you don’t have to develop different solutions for different customers. This makes it faster to introduce electronic commerce and reduces development costs.

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