GS1 standards

GS1 standards give you a common language to identify, capture and share information about everything in the supply chain. Your products, locations, parcels and more.

The barcode is one of the world’s most famous symbols and more than 5 billion products are scanned each day. With GS1 standards, companies get a global business language that both people and systems can understand. It makes the global supply chain more efficient when everything that moves in it;

  • products,
  • goods,
  • services,
  • locations,
  • parcels,
  • invoices
  • companies,
  • people

… and much more, has its own digital identity, can tell the story about themselves and becomes a part of the ecosystem for global trade.

GS1 Identify


Standards for identifying

Used to create unique identification for goods, locations, parties, packages and more. Companies all over the world use GS1 standards to streamline their product and information chain.

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Standards for capturing

Barcodes and RFID/EPC tags make it possible to transfer and scan information quickly and safe from things to computers. They are used to label everything from groceries to hospital beds.

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Standards for sharing

Once the supply chain has a common language, data can be shared seamlessly. Business partners can exchange information about products, invoices, orders, and much more.

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GS1 standards give you traceability

Once GS1 standards for identification and labeling are in place, the foundation is laid for traceability and you’re ready to start using GS1 standards for traceability.

It gives you control over every item that moves in the supply chain. And it also helps you to comply with increased market and legal demands for food, clothing, medicines etc. Not to mention consumers’ need for reliable information. Traceability help you save time and money, increase safety and win consumer trust.

Business benefits with standards

GS1 standards give you the chance to do business globally while saving time and money. Companies that use our standards are able to grow efficiently, sustainably and securely. They can future proof their business by meeting the demands from the market and authorities. Here are some of the benefits:

Product information
  • Efficient supply chain
  • Reduced administration
  • Opportunity for global trade
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Consumer benefits
  • Product safety
  • Consumer and patient safety
  • Better data quality
  • Sustainability
  • Traceability

GS1 standards are:


No matter where in the world you are, GS1 standards will work.


GS1 is not for profit and standards developed are industry neutral.


Standard development takes place together with users in work groups.


Standards can be used by all companies and working groups are open .


GS1 offers a portfolio of services and tools that makes the use of our standards easier and more efficient for your business. Regardless of the size of your business, our services can help you and your products succeed in the global supply chain.

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