GS1 standards

GS1 standards give you a common language to identify, capture and share information about everything in the supply chain. Your products, locations, parcels and more.

The barcode is one of the world’s most known symbols and over 6 billion products are scanned every day. With GS1 standards, companies get a common business language that both people and systems can understand. The global supply chain becomes more efficient because everything that moves in it;

  • products,
  • parcels,
  • pallets,
  • services,
  • locations,
  • companies,
  • people

… and much more, have their own digital identity, can tell a story about themselves and therefore become part of the global trade ecosystem.

GS1 standards help you to …

GS1 Identify
Standards for identification contain different types of unique GS1 numbers which can identify products, locations, packages and much more. Companies around the world use GS1 standards to streamline their information flows.
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Barcodes and RFID / EPC tags make it possible to transfer and scan information quickly and securely from physical objects to digital systems. The 1D and 2D barcodes are used to label everything from groceries to patients and hospital beds.
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Information can be shared quickly and seamlessly when everything in the supply chain has a common language. Business partners around the world can exchange information about, for example, products, invoices and deliveries.
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Once identification and barcodes are in place, you are ready to start using GS1 traceability standards. A visible supply chain gives you full control over your products, locations and parties during the journey.
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Business benefits for you

GS1 standards give you the chance to do business globally while saving time and costs. Companies that use our standards have the opportunity to grow efficiently, sustainably and secure.

  • efficient information flows

  • reduced administration

  • opportunity to do business globally

  • supply chain visibility

  • consumer trust

  • product safety

  • consumer and patient safety

  • better data quality

  • sustainability

  • traceability

  • comply with legal requirements

Global standards that are open to all

GS1 standards is a global system of standards that is open to all companies of all sizes. No matter where you work in the world, GS1 standards will work for you.

GS1 is not for profit and standards that are developed are industry neutral.
User driven
Standard development takes place together with our customers in user groups.
GS1 standards and user groups are open to all companies.