ESAP 9.2

Orderless invoicing

The ESAP 9.2 business process, Orderless invoicing, is used when services or products are delivered and invoiced under contract instead of a process in which a buyer places an order. It streamlines invoicing of cleaning services, consulting services or renting premises and office equipment, for example.

Who uses ESAP 9.2?

ESAP 9.2 is developed together with suppliers and buyers who use the business process. As new business requirements are added, the process evolves further if needed.

The benefits of ESAP 9.2

Safer billing

By complying with ESAP 9.2, the parties will always have the same and up-to-date information on, for example, contract prices and trade item information in their systems. This makes it easier for the supplier to invoicing and enables the buyer to book and verify the invoice automatically.

When using ESAP 9.2, the parties will always have the same and timely information on such things as contract prices and trade item data in their systems. This simplifies invoicing for the supplier and allows the buyer to book and verify invoices automatically.

Invoice errors are detected immediately

Any errors in the invoice are detected immediately by automatic verification. This means that the buyer only pays for the services or products that have been delivered, and at the right price. In addition, the buyer can be sure not to accidentally pay another company’s invoices. The supplier, for his part, receives the correct payment at the right time.

Electronic commerce makes it easier

Since ESAP 9.2 is clearly described, this means that all parties implement the business process in the same way. This allows the invoice recipient and the invoicer to use the same solution for all different business parties.

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