Purchasing and sales forecast

ESAP 22 – Purchasing and sales forecast, is a business process that simplifies electronic commerce (GS1 EDI). The process streamlines the flow of information on campaign forecasts and seasonality by the parties exchanging the information electronically.

Who uses ESAP 22?

The process is developed together with suppliers, retailers and wholesalers from the grocery and food trade and is therefore adapted to the needs of the industry.

The benefits of ESAP 22

Reliable forecasts to prevent “end of the shelf”

By forecasting how much of a product the wholesaler will purchase from the supplier, it will be easier for both wholesaler and supplier to plan their business. With ESAP 22, the wholesaler can provide reliable forecasts so that the supplier can produce the right product in the right amount at the right time. Reliable forecasts minimize the risk of “Out of stock”.

Safer campaign follow-up

With ESAP 22, both forecast and actual outcome are gathered in a structured way in the systems. With all the history gathered, you can follow up on your campaign and evaluate your forecasts to make them even better. Secure forecasts make it easier to optimize inventory levels and reduce the risk of running out of stock in stores.

The right amount of products on the shelf

With all the information in the systems, it is also possible to compare the expected amount of purchase with the quantity delivered. Buyers and suppliers can thus use the level of service as a tool to get the right availability of goods on the store shelf.

Joint campaign planning

With ESAP 22, collaboration within the company is improved by all departments communicating with each other so that everyone has the same information about the forecasts. The process also makes it easier for the supplier and wholesaler to exchange information and jointly plan campaigns.

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