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Validoo Supplier

Subscription for validation and sharing of trade item information and images
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About Validoo Supplier

Validoo Supplier helps suppliers validate, store and share trade item information and product images. You can use the service to manage your product range digitally, and to share information with other markets.

  • Automated validation of trade item information and product images

    Product and logistics information that you publish will be auto-validated before being shared with your recipients. This way you can be sure that the data is relevant and follow’s the GS1 standard. Validoo functions as a data pool within the global GDSN® network, which gives all markets real-time access to the same data.

  • Product data and image bank for your digital product range

    Validoo acts as your media bank, where you can easily upload and share your product images. If you need to share product marketing and planogram images, Validoo will help you quality-assure them and link them to their trade item information before they are visible in your customers’ sales channels.

  • Quality assurance of trade item information and product images

    Information recipients often need to rely on a third party to verify that images and data comply with industry standards. This means that trade item information and product images must be quality-assured. Our specialists will help you do just that, by manually quality-assuring your products according to industry rules.

Validoo Supplier
    Automatic validation of your trade item and logistics information.
    Sharing information to all your sales channels in one process.
    Complies with industry-wide GS1 standard for trade Item information.

    How it works

    Higher product quality

    Within Swedish retail and consumer goods, the quality of your product is directly linked to the quality of its data. This is where Validoo comes in.

    Validoo has a web-based interface that will help you ensure that the trade item information and images you share with your customers follow global and Swedish guidelines.

    Validated information

    Validoo stores the latest version of your trade item information and, once it is successfully validated, shares it with retailers, grossists, online retailers and other recipients who have set up subscriptions to your data. Basically, the entire grocery industry in Sweden validates its information in Validoo. The aim is to get your product information as good as the quality of your product. Auto-validation is also used in the Foodservice and Pharmacy industry.

    The system will also help you check that trade item information follows specific validation rules, if your recipient has chosen to activate any.

    Quality assurance

    Product data quality, barcode quality and image quality are necessary to maintain a consistently high-quality level of your and your industry’s product data. Our quality assurance service helps you ensure that the product data is correct and that your produtct images are of the right quality level.

    More on quality assurance


    Nearly 3,000 companies use Validoo as an information hub for product data. Product information recipients include actors in the consumer goods and food service industries, apothecaries, Systembolaget, and other industries.

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    This is what you need

    • A GLN (Global Location Number) from GS1 Sweden to identify your company.
    • A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) to identify your products.
    • A GS1-verified system to provide trade item information or a system-to-system integration between your internal system and Validoo.

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