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About Validoo Planogram

Validoo Planogram helps suppliers and stores to streamline sales through careful planning of the digital store shelf, created in Space Management programs.

Here you can access over 50,000 planogram images and product data linked to the media bank in Validoo. With Validoo Planogram, you can search for and download all suppliers’ images and product information for the planogram.

Quality assured image and product data for shelf planning

In the work of shelf planning, the stores use planograms, which are detailed drawings of how the products should be placed in the store shelf. When planning, it is important to have access to the consumer trade item measurements and a planogram image of the product, photographed according to GS1’s global standard for images and quality assurance rules for product images.

Using the planogram information in Validoo, stores that work with space management get product information that is consistent with the actual trade item. This way they get help to plan the store space in detail and an efficient rebuilding of store shelves when creating space for new products. The planogram information is provided in an Excel file for easy uploading in different space management programs.

Quality assured product data and images when planning your digital storage shelf
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Sell optimize the shelf using 50,000 planogram images linked to product data
Shelf planning with millimetre precision creates space for more sales
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Images for planogram

The planogram image that the supplier is quality assuring can be photographed in the GS1 Sweden Photo studio or with the help of another photographer.

Our specialists’ quality assures the images by manually checking 9 parameters in the image in accordance with quality assurance rules created by the grocery industry.

In Validoo you can manage and update your product range as well as download planogram images and planogram reports.

Examples of what we check

Technical photo settings: Size
Cropping at the edges of the image object

How it works

  1. You have a Validoo Account and a agreement for Validoo Supplier
  2. You log in to Validoo and sign an agreement for Planogram
  3. You can now use Validoo to search for and download all supplier images and product information for the planogram.

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