Why should I switch from EAN code to 2D code?

The EAN code has some limitations that make it impossible to help solve important business needs.

These restrictions have led several companies to start using 2D codes to build better solutions for traceability, increase visibility in the supply chain, increase consumer engagement, have a better readiness for recalls, counter waste and much more.

The standard barcode can only contain the product’s GS1 part number (GTIN). 2D codes, on the other hand, may contain additional information such as expiration date, batch number and serial number. Having that type of data in the barcode provides added value in that information can be read automatically and processed.

Some 2D codes, such as a QR code combined with GS1 Digital Link, may contain additional information while connecting consumers and other users with additional information and offers online. In addition to containing more data, 2D codes are often smaller than traditional barcodes and also include other features such as built-in error correction, which increases reliability.

    Streckkoder, exempel   

2D-koder, exmpel


Background pattern  Description automatically generated



A picture containing text  Description automatically generated


Qr code  Description automatically generated


Enbart produktidentifierare

GS1 DataMatrix

Produktidentifierare + mer data

QR-kod med GS1 Digital Link

Produktidentifierare + mer data + webkoppling

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