Which 2D-code should I use?

If you are going to implement 2D, you need to choose data carriers and syntax based on your business needs and the ability of your stakeholders. GS1 recommends that you actively collaborate with your business partners to ensure that the work ahead takes place in collaboration and that the solutions that are developed comply with current regulations.



• Can the data carrier encode a GS1-datasyntax/-format?

• Can the data carrier be created and applied with the speed and quality required in the specific case?

• Can those who are to interact with the 2D-code handle and process it?



• Is the 2D-code compatible with government requirements?

• Does the 2D-code follow the standard for how your system should be used?



• Has the data, data carrier, packaging, hard- and software for scanning, as well as the receiving system’s ability to store and use data been taken into account?

• Have all internal and external stakeholders agreed to work for the transition to the new solution? Stakeholders can be local GS1-memberorganizations, industry associations, trading partners and system suppliers. This may include, for example, those involved in label design, printing, scanner equipment, data storage and processing.

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