Do I need to have two barcodes on my product for a period? If so, for how long?

During a transition period, you will still need an EAN code on your packaging. This is because not all systems can handle 2D codes yet. This is also because 2D codes cannot be scanned by linear scanners used for standard barcodes but require optical scanning technology. Fortunately, optical scanners are becoming more common in commerce, but a significant proportion of linear scanners are still in use. The systems that already have optical scanners may still need to make updates to be able to handle the data that the 2D codes contain.

Until these updates have been made to all resellers, a dual label with both a 2D code and the existing EAN code will be required for a transitional period. This ensures that pilot cases can be implemented by resellers who have upgraded their hardware and software while the existing feature still works for those who have not.

The industry has set the ambitious goal that POS scanners in retail globally will be able to scan and process 2D codes by the end of 2027. You who decide which barcode to use on a product, can either continue to use a traditional barcode or choose one of the standardized options of 2D codes.

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