GS1 standards help the pharmacy industry to a more efficient and safe supply chain. They are used to identify, capture and share accurate and reliable information about products. And to trace products and deliveries.

GS1 standards makes it possible for the pharmacy industry to identify, capture and share information about products, parcels and locations along the supply chain. They are also widely used to track products and deliveries, which contributes to greater patient safety.

GS1 standards in the pharmacy industry

Consumers and patients need accurate and reliable information about the products they use. And the pharmacy industry are eager to make the supply chain as efficient, safe and sustainable as possible.

GS1 standards for capturing information are used to scan goods and deliveries labeled with a barcode. And to identify, for example, patients, medicines, caregivers and care locations.

Thanks to this unique identification, pharmacies and their suppliers can gain traceability throughout the supply chain. Tjis helps them reduce the risk of errors and help the industry, for example, to detect counterfeit products.

In addition, by using GS1 standards, you will improve your company’s supply, inventory management and availability on the shelf.

Standards in use

The most common standards in the pharmacy industry are GTIN for identification of products and SSCC for pallets. You will need the standards to label the product, packaging or pallet in the next step with barcodes such as EAN-13, ITF-14 , GS1-128 and GS1 DataMatrix used for prescription drugs.

To share information received by pharmacies, GS1 Sweden´s service Validoo is widely used to help companies comply with GS1 standards when filling out, managing, and sharing product information.

Be a part the development

GS1 standards are developed and maintained together with our customers. By participating in our user groups you can be involved and influence our standards and processes. The groups are available at both national and international level and give us insight on how we can improve, mean while our participants are inspired, get an increased knowledge and a broader understanding of how our standards work.

If you are active in the pharmacy industry and want to take GS1 standards, solutions and services into the future, you are most welcome to send an interest inquiry.

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