The barcode ITF-14 is used to label cases and logistic units, for example a pallet, that wont pass through a check-out point.

Who uses ITF-14?

Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, trade and carriers in several industries use the barcode to label cases and logistic units. It is used in supply chains worldwide as part of GS1’s global standards, facilitating transports both locally and globally.

What is the benefit of ITF-14?

The ITF-14 is a durable barcode that is less sensitive to poor print quality. It is therefore suitable when a barcode needs to be printed directly on corrugated board.

How ITF-14 is used

The ITF-14 may contain GTIN-13 or GTIN-14. If the packaging needs to be labeled with additional information, for example batch number or expiry date, it is better to use the barcode GS1-128. Read more about how ITF-14 is used here.

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