The dimensions of the item have changed. Do I have to change the GTIN?

The GTIN allocation rules describe which changes to an item require the item to be given a new GTIN and which changes are permitted without a new GTIN being allocated. An outer dimension may be changed by a maximum of 20% without the item needing a new GTIN.

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A common error in trade item information is that width and depth are interchanged. For the information to be correct the values for height and width need to be changed, which often leads to differences over 20%. You may then resend the trade item information with status correct without needing to give the item a new GTIN on condition that the item is new and not already on the market.

Bear in mind that if the error is discovered at a late stage it can have considerable effect on the recipient’s preparations for launch such as planning the items’ placement on the shelf. Draw the attention of your trading partner to the fact that new information with significant corrections has been sent.

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