When do I need to change the GTIN of an item and when can I keep the same GTIN?

There are international rules for which changes to an item require the item to be given a new GTIN and which changes are permitted without a new GTIN being allocated.

You must change the GTIN if you change:

  • brand name
  • package dimensions
  • content’s weight or volume
  • comparison amount
  • contained items (number or type)
  • ingredients (where this is significant for the consumer). Example: An item’s ingredients change from gluten-free to containing gluten. The change affects consumers who are gluten intolerant.

You do not need to change the GTIN for:

  • a new package design
  • promotions when material such as competition details is included in or printed on the package, on condition that volume, weight or price are not changed
  • a new supplier selling existing stocks
  • an item that changes status from not orderable to orderable.

Read more about the international GTIN allocation rules >>

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