How do I populate trade item information so that the shelf-edge label comes out right?

Information for the shelf-edge label is fetched from terms in trade item information. It is important that the supplier populates this information correctly since it is intended to go directly onto the shelf-edge label in the store. The illustration below shows an example of how the information on the shelf-edge label relates to trade item information.

Shelf-edge/till-roll text

The shelf-edge/till-roll text must not contain the brand name or size

  • Common error: Brand name or package size are included in Shelf-edge/till-roll text

Shelf-edge/till-roll text: “Superwash Sens 750” is given in trade item information. Since the brand name and package size have their own terms in trade item information, they will be repeated on the shelf-edge label.

Comparative price

Comparative price is calculated using price and Price comparison measurement value as follows:

Price divided by Price comparison measurement value

Note that the price of the item is not stated in trade item information but set by the store.


The supplier has stated in trade item information that a package of washing powder is sufficient for 20 washes:

  • Price comparison measurement value: 20
  • Unit of measurement for comparison measurement: PCE (each)
  • Price comparison measurement code: PER_WASH

Store’s price: SEK 29.90 per package

Comparative price: 29.90/20 = SEK 1.50 per wash