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Validoo for suppliers

For those who want to share product information and images
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What is Validoo?

Validoo helps businesses share product information and ensure digital product data quality.

The services are offered by GS1 Sweden, which together with its customers sets the standard for product and image information in Sweden. A single, common standard helps everyone who works with master data, images, sales, storage and logistics.

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How to get started

Check that you have a GS1 Company Prefix. If you don’t have it, you can order it at the same time as you order the Validoo Supplier.

The second step is to choose a input system in which to enter your trade item information.

The third step is to order Validoo Supplier to get started with sharing your trade item information.

Get started

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About the product database

  • Validoo is Sweden’s largest product database and contains about 300,000 products with trade item information according to the GS1’s standard.

  • Over 3,000 suppliers use the database to share validated trade item information.

  • Nearly 100 connected recipients in retail, pharmacies, beauty, Systembolaget and Food Service.

  • Using Validoo, recipients of product data and images can be sure that the trade item information they receive from you is correct.

The trade item information is displayed here

Trade item information and images from Validoo is visible in a variety of places and surfaces throughout the value chain. You can see some examples here.

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On labels in stores
When scanning
Bulk sale prices
Online and e-commerce
On packaging
When ordering

Before you launch your product

Your trade item information needs to be validated and quality-assured in good time before you launch your product. The grocery, convenience store and pharmacy trades revise their product ranges according to different trade windows. This means that you will benefit by getting started early. When are the revision weeks for your category?

See ECR trade windows (information in Swedish)

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