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CGI/3D (Computer Generated Images)

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What is CGI/3D?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Images and means that the images are fully computer-generated and produced using advanced 3D graphics. This means that no camera, photo studio or physical product is needed to produce product images. The result is high-quality images that can be used in all sales channels and marketing campaigns.

Using computer-generated technology, we create product images of the highest quality. All you need to do is send an artwork and the product’s dimensions, and we will fix the rest. (In Swedish).
Jam jar that goes from 3D model to finished image

Your product not ready yet?

If you don’t have an actual product to photograph but need product images relatively soon, CGI/3D images can be the solution. You pay a one-off cost for the 3D modeling and receive quality-assured images to use in your physical and digital sales channels.

CGI/3D benefits

There are many benefits of using CGI/3D to create product images. If you need images of a product with variations, such as different colours or flavours, and where the packaging is otherwise identical, CGI/3D is both affordable and time-saving.

Other benefits of CGI are

  • Product images can be created long before there is a physical product.

  • Variants, such as flavours and colours for future range changes, can be created efficiently.

  • Easy to adjust colours, materials and shapes without having to create new physical prototypes.

  • Enables easy visualization of the product in different environments and contexts.

Two options when ordering CGI/3D images from us

CGI image including 3D modelling

If you are a new to us or have a new product.

Using your print ready artwork, we build a 3D model of your packaging and add content and labels to it. You receive a finished product image for marketing and/or planograms. Production time and price depends on the type of packaging and decor.


  • Production of packaging model
  • 1 product image for marketing
  • Quality assurance

CGI image on existing 3D model

When we already have a 3D model of your product

If we already have a 3D model, we can use it to produce images of new variants of your product, such as new flavours or colours. You receive a finished product image for marketing and/or planogram per variant.


  • 1 product image for marketing
  • Quality assurance

How it works

We produce your product image in three steps from artwork to finished 3D image.

1. Send us your artwork.
2. Our 3D artists create your product image in the highest quality.
3. We upload your image to Validoo. Done!

Examples of CGI images from GS1 Sweden

Order computer-generated product images from us

Describe your image needs in as much detail as possible and we will get back to you with an offer.

If you want to add or change something in your request, you can do so in a reply to the email you receive from us. The request is not binding in any way.

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