Re-photographing of market images

When you upload product images in Validoo MediaStore, we check that the images follow the Quality Assurance Rules. If the image is not approved, we ask you to edit the image, but if there are technical photographical errors, they cannot be corrected by editing, and you need to re-photograph the image.

In the following technical photographical errors, your images need to be re-photographed:

  • The image has interpolation artefacts or compression artefacts.
  • There are visible signatures, fingerprints or watermarks.
  • The image is a scanned image from printed pages.
  • The image is not professional and sharply photographed.
  • The image is overly-sharp in the digital image processing.
  • The image object is less than 1800 pixels when cropping.

Our photo studio will be happy to help you with the quality of your product images. Order your product photography or editing from us.

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