How to photograph different products and packaging types within Foodservice

Mandatory product images

The design of these images is a request from the recipients. We guarantee that they comply with the GS1 standards and meet the expectations.

In our photography manual for Foodservice you will find photo samples and more information.

See photography manual >

Different executions for Foodservice

Product images out of its packaging

These images are the best way to show the product’s appearance. The product that is used in the cooking. With the help of well-chosen lighting and careful placement of for example raspberries in a bowl, we do the best we can to illustrate each product in the best way.

Area of use: A product image promotion, which also can be used in various web context. Retouching and clipping path included. Primarily, all products are photographed with white background. The products are photographed in the state that they are sold in.

  • If the product has a clear and uniform shape, such as a pie, we photograph one product.
  • If the product varies in shape and size, such as fish fillets, we photograph at two to three products.
  • Spices and powders, such as peppercorns and ground cinnamon, are photographed directly on the table without any support elements.
  • Fruit, vegetables and rice is photographed in a bowl or small plate of white porcelain without decoration and structure.

See our photography manuals with image examples and further information.

Product images in its packaging

When shooting for the food service, it is important to photograph the clearest packaging for the product. The purpose of the picture is that the product should be easily identified in the sales and ordering. It could be a brown carton if it has a clear label or the inner pack if it has a clear design.

Area of use: A product image for the web (web image), with white background, for recognition. Since the purpose is webshops, the image has less retouching than a market image.

Images on request

There are endless opportunities to create images for inspiration and special purposes. We are open for customized image production based on your preferences. Send your request to

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