How do I select a product sample for a photoshoot?

Choose a sample which is in good condition and without date stamps. This gives the best images at the lowest cost.

Tips for a successful photography

  • Place heavy samples at the bottom of the package to avoid that fragile samples get crushed.
  • Pack thoroughly around and between samples so that they do not get scraped or worn during transport.
  • Please send two samples. Then we have an extra sample if the other is damaged during transport.

Refrigerated and frozen products

When taking pictures of chilled and frozen goods in large volumes must be pre-notified, especially photography for the Foodservice and the Norwegian market.

Perishable food

Perishable food products have to be photographed as soon as possible, for example, “ready meals” or a cake. Remember to send them to us in the morning, and never on a Friday afternoon. The products might be bad during the weekend. We give priority to these products when we photograph.

Alcoholic beverages

When photographing alcoholic beverages, GS1 Sweden only accept products sent from a Swedish shipping address, as such products may not be shipped directly from abroad to GS1 Sweden.

GS1 Sweden return all product samples after product photography. This freight cost is the supplier’s own cost. Therefore, attach with a return receipt immediately when delivering your product samples for product photography.


Send empty packages to us if you want to photograph your pharmaceutical packages.

Damaged samples

If the sample is damaged on arrival we can edit the images for an extra charge. In the same way we can retouch date stamps. If the sample is badly damaged it can be worthwhile sending a new one.

Frequently occurring types of damage include:

  • Scraped or scratched sample
  • Rusty sample
  • Crumpled sample
  • Stale content
  • Chipped corners on the package
  • Skewed or incorrectly placed labels
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