Can a Swedish company managing their accounts abroad archive electronic invoices abroad?

Yes, it is permissible under certain conditions specified in the VAT Act (ML), Bookkeeping Act (BFL) and the Accounting Board (BFN) guidelines and general advice.

A company may store electronic invoices and keep hardware and systems available in another country within the EU if:

  1. the place for storage and any changes are notified to the tax authorities, and
  2. the company, on request by the tax or customs authorities, allows instant electronic access to accounting information for control purposes during the archiving period, and
  3. the company by instant printing can provide information in the electronic invoices in Sweden in normal readable form or microfilm/fiche.

If archiving is managed by a service provider, the contract should state that the provider handles bookkeeping and archiving according to Swedish law. That’s because the Swedish company retains responsibility for accounting and archiving being done legally even when the duties are performed by external service provider abroad.

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