Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)

Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN) is a GS1 freight number used to number a specified number of logistic units included in the same shipment. GSIN can be used by all parties in the transport flow to number the freight. In electronic business messages, GSIN is used as a reference number for the freight.

Who uses GSIN?

It is mainly manufacturers, suppliers or shippers who number freight with GSIN, but also forwarding agents and transporters. GSIN can be used electronically for messages regarding transport instructions and transport status between the forwarding agent and the transport provider.

What is the benefit of GSIN?

By numbering a shipment with GSIN, the logistic units can be traced from the shipper to the freight consignee. GSIN also meets the requirements of UCR (Unique Consignment Reference) according to theWorld Customs Organization (WCO).

How is GSIN used?

The logistic units have the same GSIN during all transport stages, from start to final destination. GSIN identifies a group of logistic units, each of which is identified with a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).