Create GSIN

The GS1 shipping number is known as the GSIN (Global Shipment Identification Number) and is a globally unique freight number used to identify logistics units included in the same shipment. GSIN meets the requirements for UCR (Unique Consignment Reference) according to the World Customs Organization.


To create a GSIN, you need a GS1 Company Prefix which gives your company and items a unique identity, or a Single number. The GS1 identifiers you create with the company prefix can then be used worldwide.

Create GSIN

The GSIN consists of 17 digits. You create GSINs using your GS1 company prefix, a sequence number and a check digit, or with a Single number.

  1. Enter your GS1 Company prefix consisting of 6-9 digits or a Single number consisting of 12 digits.
  2. Enter a sequence number. We recommend that you number the units so that the first units included in the same shipment are numbered “…001”, the second units are numbered “…002”, and so on. Please note that you must keep track of which sequence numbers you use as this is not recorded by us.
  3. Finally, you should calculate and enter a check digit. The check digit cannot be determined for itself and must be calculated.

If the company prefix has fewer than nine digits, create the shipping number in the same way as above, but the serial number will have more than seven digits.

When you subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden, the Generate Number service, which helps you to create GTIN, GLN, SSCC and GSIN, is included. The service provides the entire number, including the check digit.

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