Logistics labels

GS1 Logistics Label, is a standardized label used to mark logistic units, for example pallets. With the help of the label, a logistic unit can be traced throughout the supply chain from manufacturing to end customer.

The GS1 Logistics Label can be a, or a combination, of:

  • Pallet label
  • Transport label
  • Store and customer pack label

Common to the three types of labels is that it is mandatory to specify the logistic units SSCC (GS1-unit number, Serial Shipping Container Code). If a logistic unit is marked with a combination of multiple labels, the labels should either contain the same SSCC or only one of the labels should contain SSCC.

GS1’s global standard for logistics labels

GS1 Logistics Label Guideline

Examples of pallet labels

Web tools for producing examples of pallet labels

How to barcode transport units

Barcoding pallets

GS1 Logistics Label is a standardized label used to mark…

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