Global Coupon Number (GCN)

GCN (Global Coupon Number) is used to give physical and digital coupons a unique identity.

The Global Coupon Number makes it possible to identify a specific coupon and then redeem it for a financial discount or loyalty points in connection with a purchase.

The coupon number is associated with an offer described in a database. The database contains information on the validity and conditions and the ability to check that the coupon has not already been used.

Who uses GCN?

Companies in several industries, including grocery and retail, foodservice and on various e-commerce sites use GCN. Often, many different parties are involved in the administration around the coupons, from manufacturers to retailers and app providers.

Individual stores can also use GCN for their in-store coupons. An in-store coupon never leaves the store and applies only in that store that issued the coupon number.

The benefits of GCN

GCN always identifies a specific coupon offer and makes it possible to share the coupon information electronically. In this way, all parties have access to accurate information about the coupon and its redemption as well as the financial solution between them.

Coupons are widely used in trade and can be issued in different ways, from simple vouchers to complex offers tailored to different levels of a rewards program. If there is a need to identify individually issued coupons, an optional serial component can be used in the number. With the coupon number, everyone involved receives accurate information about the coupons value and offer.

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