Marketplaces around the world use GS1 standards to manage the quality of their digital product catalogues - and to win consumer trust and authenticity.

If you want to start selling your products online through an online Marketplace, such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping, you’ll most likely be prompted to enter a product identifier, barcode or GTIN.

Standards in use

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is the number you see under a barcode and is a unique identification number for your product. You’ll need this number to sell products on on-line marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

You may be asked to enter a GTIN, UPCor EAN number*. You get your GTIN from GS1 Sweden – the Swedish part of the global organization GS1 that handles standards for barcodes and assigns numbers. Even if you currently only engage in e-commerce on your own site, you may expand your business in the future. With a GTIN you secure the possibility to choose which retailer you want to use, both in Sweden and internationally, just like over two million companies worldwide that already use our numbers and barcodes.

It may seem difficult at first but don’t worry. Start by becoming a customer to us and you have taken the first step towards developing GTIN and barcodes to be able to sell your products on-line.

Identification numbers for books and journals (ISBN and ISSN) are distributed by the Royal Library and not by GS1.

*UPC and EAN are both terms for GS1 Trade Item numbers,
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), which is the correct name.